Getting together is easy...

Staying together and working well together is hard. Learn how to co-create a culture that will help your group become a Quality Community.

What makes a group wise?

Where most groups use a common set of "ground rules" and do not prepare for inevitable disagreements, Wiser Groups are intentional about how they will operate and address challenges. Wiser Groups co-create a set of expectations that address their unique and diverse needs AND commit to holding one another accountable.

Being our best selves, together

Wiser Groups aim for true inclusion, authentic collaboration, and lived democracy.

  • Put your best DEI intentions into action: learn to truly address the unique and diverse needs of others

  • Harness the power of collaboration: understand how to work through differences to find creative and sustaining solutions

  • Live into democratic ideals: empower group members to participate fully and share power

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Wiser Groups!

    2. What to Expect

    1. What is a Wiser Group?

    2. How is a Wiser Group different than a conventional one?

    3. What is the key to a Wiser Group?

    4. How do we cultivate a Wiser Group?

    1. What is your group's purpose?

    2. What are the values guiding your group?

    1. What do these values look like in action?

    2. What behaviors do we need to commit to, now?

    1. How do we hold ourselves and one another to these commitments?

    2. How will our commitments evolve and grow as we go?

About this course

  • On-demand, self-paced learning
  • Reusable planning tool
  • 60-minute consultation included

Help your group gather for good

Learn how to create inclusive, healthy, and self-managing groups