The stories of our lives are the stories of conflicts we were brave enough to face...

And those we were not.

The brave conversation you had with your boss that earned you a promotion. The unresolved fight with your sister that turned into years of silence. The persistent fight with your partner that eventually strengthened and bonded your relationship. 

These are the difficult moments that matter most. 

This is NOT Your Average Online Course

Unlike truly “asynchronous” courses, Wiser Conflict incorporates live integration sessions with the trainers. These are critical opportunities for you to process new information, practice new skills, and build a sense of confidence as you move through the course "together."

  • Goal-Oriented

    Before you start, meet with a coach to tap into your motivation, set goals for this course, and commit to get the most of out of this experience.

  • Self-Paced

    Whether you're an early bird or night owl, you can watch content videos, complete activities, and reflect on your experiences when it's best for you.

  • Personalized Support

    Two individual coaching sessions (mid-way through and after completion) to help you integrate new information into action

  • Certificate of Completion

    Complete all six modules and coaching sessions to earn a certificate of completion for your next performance review or refrigerator!

What's in this course?

    1. Welcome to Wiser Conflict! 🌊

    2. Optimize Your Experience 📈

    3. Join the ChangeMakerSpace 💫

    4. Support Your Cohort 👥

    1. An Introduction to Conflict Resolution

    2. Beliefs about Conflict 💭

    3. The Belief Cycle 🌀

    4. Conflict and Your Brain 🧠

    5. Conflict and YOU

    6. The Correct Answer is...

    7. Conflict Handling Styles 🖐️

    8. Get Reel 🎥 : Conflict Styles

    9. Wiser Style Selection 👍

    10. What is Wiser Conflict? 🦉

    11. Recall Now, Remember Later

    12. Use it OR Lose it! 💪

    1. Introduction to PAUSE ⏸️

    2. Notice Stress Rising 😖

    3. Relax Tension 🧘

    4. Ask for a Pause ✋

    5. Get Reel 🎥 Ask for a Pause

    6. RAIN on Pain 🌧️

    7. Recall Now, Remember Later

    8. Use it or Lose it 💪

    1. Introduction to LISTEN 🎧

    2. Listen with your Body👂

    3. Listen with your Mind 🧠

    4. Get Reel 🎥 LISTEN

    5. Identify Wants vs Needs 🏔️

    6. Listen with your Spirit 🙏

    7. Recall Now, Remember Later

    8. Use it OR Lose it 💪

    1. Introduction to SPEAK 💬

    2. Kind, Curious, and Courageous Speech

    3. Parts of an I-Statement 👁️

    4. Describe Specific Behaviors 🎥

    5. Describe Unique Impacts ↔️

    6. Make a Clear Request 🙏

    7. Is it an I-Statement?

    8. Check Your Work 🖍️

    9. Get Reel 🎥 SPEAK

    10. Tell Your Whole Story 📖

    11. Recall Now, Remember Later: SPEAK

    12. Use it OR Lose it 💪

    1. Introduction to WEAVE 🪢

    2. Tips for the Groan Zone 😫

    3. Listening Skills 👂

    4. Powerful Questions 🙋‍♀️

    5. THE Collaborative Question❓

    6. Shift Happens 😉

    7. Get Reel 🎥 THE Collaborative Question

    8. Recall Now, Remember Later

    9. Use it OR Lose it 💪

About this course

  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • Short, digestible lessons with videos, activities & reflections
  • 1 Goal-setting call and 2 private coaching sessions
  • Team (5+) and Nonprofit Pricing Available

But don't take it from us...

“Now, I feel hopeful that conflict isn’t just a bad thing to avoid, but that it really is an opportunity for positive change.”

“This experience has really made me less fearful of conflict. I’ve learned these skills and taken classes like this before but it really landed differently for me this time.”

“This course has the potential to be life changing!”

Manage your life's conflicts, change your life.

Gain competence, confidence, and courage to take on conflict and create change, wisely.

Meet our Team

Marina Piscolish, Ph.D.

Conflict and Collaboration Coach

Marina is a highly accomplished trainer, coach, author, and organizational consultant with over 25 years of experience helping individuals, teams, and organizations navigate the choppy waters of conflict, collaboration and change. Originally a public school teacher from Pittsburgh, PA, she has a passion for sharing practical knowledge and preparing individuals with skills, empowering them to transform their own situations. Marina founded the Conflict Resolution Program at the University of Delaware; taught for 10+ years as adjunct faculty for the University of Hawaii’s Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution; and has delivered in-person and virtual trainings to thousands of individuals over the years across Government, Business, and Non-profit settings.

Jessica Velez, M.P.A.

Conflict and Collaboration Trainer

Jessica is a trainer, mediator, and conflict coach who is passionate about bringing conflict management, effective communication, and crucial collaboration skills to groups and individuals who want to grow through their conflicts and create lasting change. She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, both from the University of Delaware, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from Chaminade University of Honolulu.